Thomas Lance

Dossier: Thomas Lance

Interstellar Guard
Department of Military Intelligence
Required Clearance: Top Secret

Name: Thomas Lance
Alias: “Tommy”, “Specter One”
Birthplace: Attris VII
Location: Outer Core – Attris System
Age: 45
Role: Orion’s Shield Merc – Sniper

Bio: Tommy Lance is a battle-hardened, crafty, self-absorbed mercenary, who got his start in The Orion’s Shield terrorist organization as both a Sniper and marksmanship instructor.

Little is known about Tommy’s origins beyond the fact that he was raised on the crime-ridden outer core planet, Attris VII. He left Attris as a teenager, resurfacing in his early twenties when he joined Orion’s Shield, where his sniper skills were put to use by the organization’s leader, Teric Winters.  

Seeking to take his natural marksmanship and combat abilities to the next level, Tommy invested heavily in expensive electronic augmentations in his eyes, giving him enhanced visual acuity. He would later receive extensive augmentations to his neuropathways affecting motor control, sensory perception, and reflexes, greatly increasing his physical abilities in combat.

When his augmentations are interfaced with the band of his custom Tactical Shades – via a bio-interface port located near the base of his skull – Tommy’s target acquisition speed, aim and reflexes are enhanced to levels rivaling that of the most advanced Combat Android Units.

Unfortunately for Tommy, the extensive modifications have taken a toll on his body over the years. Physical abnormalities ranging from discoloration of his eyes to more severe problems such as debilitating headaches are a daily struggle for the mercenary.

But despite the physical strains, Tommy remains a formidable foe who has amassed extensive underworld contacts across numerous star systems. He is even rumored to have contacts within the deadly shadow organization known only as, The Company.  


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