Samson Kull

Dossier: Samson Kull

Interstellar Guard
Department of Military Intelligence
Required Clearance: Top Secret

Name: Samson Kull
Alias: None
Birthplace: Earth
Age: 809
Role: Supreme Commander of the combined forces of Orion’s Shield. 

Bio: Samson Kull is widely considered to be the father of special operations within the ISL’s Interstellar Fleet. He was instrumental in advancing the Fleet Special Warfare Command (FSWC) into a deep space clandestine fighting force, rivaling the Interstellar Guard’s Saber Brigade.  His combat strategies and techniques have been studied and analyzed for centuries.  As of the year 3120, many of his tactics are still taught to ISF Officer candidates as a requirement to receive their commissions.

Despite ascending to the rank of High Admiral during his remarkable 40-year career, Samson eventually defected to Orion’s Shield, along with the entire fleet under his command. These unfortunate events would lead to the Great Purge, the massive civil war within the ISL that followed the bombing of the Lyrian Embassy on Earth, 750 years ago.

While the ISL forces were successful in driving the Orion’s Shield movement from the Core Star Systems to the Outer Core, it was Samson’s leadership and knowledge of ISL Military tactics that kept the civil war from becoming a total bloodbath, which would have resulted in the complete annihilation of every member of Orion’s Shield. 

And for his bravery and willingness to stand for the Orion’s Shield cause, it is believed that Teric bestowed upon Samson, the same life-extending genetic enhancements that he received so that Samson might train and command the new generation of Orion’s Shield forces, for centuries to come.


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