Jason is a highly educated, condescending military brat with a propensity for trouble and falling in with the wrong crowd.  His father was a high ranking pilot and fleet commander for the ISL’s navy and groomed his son to become a military fighter pilot by pulling the right strings and ensuring he attended the right schools.

Jason would go on to become one of the most outstanding fighter pilots ever seen in the program. But Jason’s immaturity along with his fascination with the criminal underworld landed him in and out of trouble through his brief career. His participation in a failed heist with his Orion’s Shield buddies while on leave, led to the dishonorable discharge of both him and his half-sister Skye whom he talked into helping with the job.

Jason did jail time, though his father was able to call in a few favors to get the sentence reduced, they never spoke again after that entire fiasco. After prison, he went on to hook up with Orion’s Shield as one of their premier pilots. Jason is an arrogant wannabe tough guy who thinks he knows everything. He is constantly trying to prove to others (and himself) that he belongs among the elite of the mercenary community. Though his toughness is often questioned, his skill as a pilot is undeniable and unmatched.

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