Jason Crowley

Dossier: Jason Crowley

Interstellar Guard
Department of Military Intelligence
Required Clearance: Top Secret

Name: Jason Crowley
Alias: “Jay”, “Raven Six”
Birthplace: Earth
Location: Inner-Core – Sol System
Age: 36
Role: Raven Squad: Pilot

Bio: Jason Crowley was legally removed from his mother’s home at the age of seven by his father, Admiral Phillip Crowley, a high-ranking commander in the Interstellar Fleet (ISF). Admiral Crowley groomed his son to become a military fighter pilot by pulling the right strings and ensuring that Jason attended all the right schools.

Jason would go on to become one of the most outstanding fighter pilots ever seen in the program. But his immaturity and fascination with the criminal underworld proved a disastrous combination, causing him to remain in and out of trouble during his brief military career.

While on leave, Jason participated in a failed heist of an ISG arms cache – along with his Orion’s Shield accomplices – leading to the dishonorable discharge of both Jason and his half-sister, Specialist Skyela Evans. It was alleged that Jason talked his sister into remotely scything the security protocols, though the investigation that followed could never link her directly to the act.

Jason was caught and sentenced to prison, though his father called in a few favors to get his son’s time reduced. After the incident, Jason and his father had a falling out and never spoke again. Following his incarceration, he went on to join Orion’s Shield as one of their premier pilots.

Jason Crowley is both highly educated and arrogant, seemingly on a never-ending quest to prove to others (and himself) that he belongs among the elite of the mercenary community.

Jason’s reputation as an ace pilot caught the attention of Marcus and Daren, which led to him becoming one of the first members of Raven Squad.


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