“Cargo 3120 is an enjoyable book to read because Aaron Walker Sr. has given us the two necessary ingredients for a great book – strong characters and a strong plot. Both of those elements thrive in this book… Much of it plays out like a wonderful combination of The Band of Brothers and Star Wars. I highly recommend this book to readers of character-driven, high-octane science fiction.” – Scott Cahan for Reader’s Favorite ★★★★★

“If you love sci-fi you’ll love this book. A thoroughly enjoyable journey with Marcus the main character across the universe. I [rooted] for him even in times of bad judgment. Definitely one of my favorite sci-fi reads.” A.T. Nartey, Author of The Eden Project ★★★★★

“Cargo 3120: Ties that Bind is a riveting science fiction adventure that takes space opera fans into the world they love and gives them new villains and battles to follow along with. This remarkable story is sure to be the start of a captivating and engaging series that will garner the love of old and new sci-fi fans alike.” –LiteraryTitan ★★★★★

Fans of Star Wars, Dune, and Star Trek buckle up…

…because there’s another intergalactic franchise that’s about to suck you into a futuristic adventure like you’ve never experienced before! 

The year is 3120 and the Milky Way is in turmoil.  Each alien race, including humans, is fighting over the scraps of what’s left of Krillium, the current energy source. 

But there’s a new source of energy on the horizon: Ladium Crystals…

…And that’s about to change everything as the powers of the universe jockey for control, knowing whoever gets control of this precious resource will reign supreme within the galaxy. 

It all starts when Captain Marcus La’Dek, a retired mercenary fulfilling one last mission to help his old buddies, unknowingly finds himself right smack in the middle of this galactic power struggle when he transports mysterious CARGO to the outer reaches of the stars.

If you’ve been searching for the next big book, this is it! 

This action-packed science fiction novel is a high-octane, fast-moving adventure that will literally reach out and grab your attention from chapter one and not let you catch your breath until you’ve reached the last page! 

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