Marcus is a tough as nails ex-mercenary attempting to keep his former lifestyle as a killer at bay. He’s a man of few words, harboring anger and resentment from his past, but circumstances have forced him back into a lifestyle from which he swore never to return. There are times where he can make the right call under pressure, but then there are times when he’ll do whatever is necessary to get the job done. However; his deep seeded anger can at times make him an unstable powder keg.

As a young teenager, Marcus took to the mercenary lifestyle like a fish to water after running away from home. He was trained by Daren’s father Jonathan “Jax” West, who was a known Orion’s Shield Pirate and mercenary. Under the wing of Jax, Marcus learned the ways of death and destruction… lessons that were learned very well.

Jax came to think of Marcus as more of a son than Daren, as Marcus exceeded Daren’s skills by leaps and bounds. The favoritism that Jax showed has always been an underlying issue between Marcus and Daren, though the two are able to work past it for the most part. Marcus is all about loyalty and family and will do anything to protect those whom he cares about, and will not hesitate to kill if they are threatened.

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