Teric Winters

Dossier: Teric Winters

Interstellar Guard
Department of Military Intelligence
Required Clearance: Top Secret

Name: Teric Winters
Alias: None
Birthplace: Earth
Age: Unknown
Role: Leader of Orion’s Shield 

Bio: Teric Winters is the son and successor of Zedolph Winters, the founder of Orion’s Shield, an organization branded as terrorists by the ISL in the year 2370, following the bombing of a Lyrian embassy on Earth, killing thousands. 

What started as a small group of isolationists on the outskirts of ISL controlled space, railing against the government’s decision to join the Galactic Planetary Consortium (GPC), Orion’s Shield would grow to a full-scale movement, committing acts of violence throughout the Inner Core Star systems.

With their ranks swelling to numbers untold, Zedolph and his son, Teric, cemented their legacy, causing their members to view them as the “true protectors of humanity”, sent to deliver them from the unnatural alliance between humans and aliens.

Feeling that only he could usher humanity into their newfound destiny, Zedolph commissioned an army of scientists to develop genetic modifications that could extend his life for potentially thousands of years. His scientists would eventually make a breakthrough, though it came at the time of the “Great Purge”, the ISL Military response to the Lyrian Embassy bombing, which eventually drove Orion’s Shield to the Outer Core star systems.

Zedolph would meet an untimely death during a precision military strike during The Great Purge. As a result, Teric would go on to be the beneficiary of their closely guarded genetic modifications, that he might go on to fulfill his father’s dream to see a human dominated galaxy. 

By the year 3120, Teric is still leader of Orion’s Shield, seeking new ways to fulfill the so called “destiny of mankind”. Teric’s efforts are aided by Samson Kull, the supreme commander of the combined forces of the Orion’s Shield military.

However, many wonder if Teric’s intentions still mimic his father’s idea of a self-reliant human society, or if his god complex has gotten the best of him, causing him to build an empire that would be an abomination in his father’s eyes.


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