Anthony Liles

Dossier: Anthony Liles

Interstellar Guard
Department of Military Intelligence
Required Clearance: Top Secret

Name: Anthony Liles
Alias: “Tony”, “Raven Four”
Birthplace: Bion IV
Location: Outer-Core – Bion System
Age: 47
Role: Raven Squad’s Heavy Weapons Specialist and Mechanic

BIO: Tony Liles is a Gorean Cyborg, raised on the war-torn Outer Core planet of Bion IV. Born part-man-part-machine within breeding chambers after the fetus is removed from the mother, Goreans are a genetically engineered humanoid race, bred for combat.

Before his birth, Tony’s parents: Anik and Shae’Sa, left the Gorean home world to help their longtime friend, Resistance General, Anthony Liles. Together, they fought alongside General Liles in the civil war between Humans and the oppressive Lyrian regime, threatening to take over the planet. Two years after his parent’s arrival on Bion, Tony was born using a breeding chamber constructed by his father. In honor of their lasting bond and friendship, Anik and Shae’Sa named their first-born after their friend, Anthony Liles.

After coming of age, Tony’s parents trained him in the way of the Gorean warrior culture during the Bion IV conflict. As a result, Tony was raised in war, fighting alongside his parents until their death when he was a teenager. General Liles and his wife Anna, took Tony in, later training him as a heavy weapons specialist for the resistance.

With no end of the bloody conflict in sight, Tony’s adoptive parents wanted more for him than a life of war. They urged Tony to leave Bion IV in his early 20s, hoping that he would have a chance at a real life. Eventually, Tony ended up on a small space station in the Outer Core, working as an expert starship mechanic. But after a chance meeting with Marcus La’Dek years later, Tony went on to join Raven Squad, believing that he had finally found his purpose.


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