Tony is a Gorean Cyborg, raised by humans on the war-torn planet of Bion IV, but was later trained and schooled in the ways of Gorean warrior culture. Genetically superior in every way to most humanoid species, Tony is also intensely loyal to those with whom he works but is death incarnate to his enemies. But like all Goreans, Tony is in constant need of granicite (a chemical found on the Gorean’s native planet).

Without their granicite levels in check, Gorean’s can descend into a murderous frenzy known throughout the galaxy as “The Blood Rage”.  Tony is also an expert mechanic and heavy weapons specialist, skills he picked up during the time he served with the Human Resistance Fighters on Bion IV. Tony was born and raised in conflict and war and is always looking for a challenge to advance his combat skills to the next level.

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