Skyela Evans

Dossier: Skyela Evans

Interstellar Guard
Department of Military Intelligence
Required Clearance: Top Secret

Name: Skyela Evans
Alias: “Skye”, “Raven Three”
Birthplace: Earth
Location: Inner-Core – Sol System
Age: 42
Role: Raven Squad: Scyther and Medic

Bio: Skyela Evans served a brief stint in the Interstellar Guard as a Computer specialist and combat medic. But her two-year military career was cut short when she was accused of scything into an ISG mainframe that controlled access to the largest arms cache in the sector.

The arms cache was later robbed by her half-brother, Jason Crowley, and his crew. Though there was no solid evidence linking Skye to the theft, there was enough circumstantial evidence to prompt the top brass in the military to dishonorably discharge her from ISG service.

With no career or money, Skye eventually hooked up with her brother and became a mercenary for Orion’s Shield. Both siblings would go on to become members of the elusive Orion’s Shield mercenary team, Raven Squad.


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