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Questions, comments, feedback about the upcoming Cargo 3120 webcomic? No problem, post’em right here and we’ll reply.

Speaking of the Cargo 3120 webcomic, have you seen the video? What are you wait’n for? Click right here, or click the Media link on the menu above. If you have noticed by now, you can also find us on twitter, click the link on the upper right side of the page.

Want to know more about the story? Check out the About Page, the Universe Page, and the Character Page. Want to see some of the art? Check out the Concept Art Page at the top of the page. As we get close to our December 2014 launch, we will be updating with new pictures and information. Like what you see on any of the pages? Click the social media “share buttons” at the top of each page. The members of Team Cargo truly appreciate you stopping by.

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