Saber Brigade

The Saber Brigade

“Fatiscat per Scutum…”

(Splitting the Shield)


Following the Lyrian Embassy Bombing in the year 2430 on Earth, the ISL’s Saber Brigade was activated to combat the terrorist group claiming responsibility for the heinous act: Orion’s Shield. Saber Brigade’s founding commander: ISG General Garret Brook, sought to form a highly trained Special Forces Unit capable of operating both on and off-world in nearly any environment. Its primary purpose? To be the “edge of the blade” that would rend the so called Orion’s Shield organization through use of focused, surgical strikes and other clandestine operations that remain classified to this day.

The brigade itself is comprised of large numbers of small eight to twelve man units known as Saber Teams, each assigned a number representing the order in which they were activated. While the exact size and force composition of the Saber Brigade is largely shrouded in secrecy, what is known is that each team specializes in different areas ranging from reconnaissance and espionage, to more direct missions designed to take the fight directly to the enemy. Of the many teams in operation there is perhaps none as decorated than that of: Saber Team Seven.

Saber Team Seven



Commanded by Captain Donald Shepard, this lethal eight-man black ops team is without a doubt, the most advanced, highly trained unit in the Interstellar Guard’s Saber Brigade – the special operations subdivision of the ISL’s military. With a Primary focus on counter-terrorism, Saber Team soldiers execute orders without question, kill without remorse, and vanish before their presence is ever known.

Fully armored from head to toe in their trademark black combat uniforms, the faces of Saber Team Operators are never seen by their prey, causing many to question if they are really man or machine… or perhaps some twisted combination of the two. But when it comes to combat, the warriors of Saber Team Seven are brutally efficient and surgically precise, possessing skills that are unmatched throughout the galaxy.

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