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Episode 1:         Ties that Bind

Episode 2:         Coming Soon…

Episode 3:         Coming Soon…

What is Cargo 3120?

The Premise:

In the year 3120, an ex-mercenary takes a shady job to save his dying niece, but ends up on a quest to prevent interstellar war.

The Synopsis:

After a ten-year prison sentence, Marcus abandons the questionable life of a mercenary. He reluctantly returns to his childhood home and helps his sister care for her dying daughter. They plan to revitalize their family’s shipping business, to afford his niece’s expensive medical treatments.

One day, Marcus accepts what seems like an honest cargo job from a former friend. However, that cargo is at the center of a galactic conflict, fueled by politics, organized crime, and a mysterious alien race; forcing Marcus to choose between the needs of his family and the fate of the Milky Way.

The Game Plan:

As you may or may not know, Cargo 3120 began its life as an original pilot teleplay with the intent of bringing the series to television. And while this is still an ultimate goal, we decided to stick to the whole television theme, and divide Cargo 3120 into multi-part “Episodes” within a set number of “Seasons”.

The first of the planned seven episodes that will make up “Season One” is called: Ties that Bind, which will be broken into four novellas (Part One of which is available for free online, or you can get the full eBook for free!)

Once all parts of an episode are released, they will be combined into complete novels, available for purchase as eBooks. But don’t worry, the online versions will always be available here on our website for free.

And with that said, dive in and enjoy the Cargo 3120 Universe:

Welcome to the 32nd Century