Orion’s Shield

Orion’s Shield


Orions ShieldBy the year 3120, the Orion’s Shield Organization had been in existence for more than 700 years.  Formed by Zedolf Winters, Orion’s Shield started as a small band of isolationists on the outskirts of ISL controlled space. Zedolf became displeased after the ISL entered an alliance with alien races through the joining of the *Galactic Planetary Consortium (GPC). Zedolf and his followers believed strongly that humanity was made both weak and vulnerable through this union.

What started as a small group of protesters, quickly grew into an organized movement spreading to a string of outer core planets, all of whom believed Zedolf and his son: Teric to be the true protectors of humanity, thus Orion’s Shield was born.  The activity of Orion’s Shield began with simple protests within ISL Space, but over time escalated to outright acts of violence toward the alien races that comprised the majority of the GPC. Soon Orion’s Shield began targeting human officials in support of the ISL’s decision to remain members of this “unnatural alliance”.

After a bombing of the Lyrian embassy located on Earth killed thousands, the ISL officially classified Orion’s Shield as terrorists. Soon after, a military campaign historically known as “The Great Purge” began; the goal being the removal of Orion’s Shield from ISL space.  During this time, Zedolf had his scientists secretly experimenting in ways to prolong his life, through a series of genetic modifications. But after meeting an untimely death during an ISG precision military strike, it would be Zedolph’s son and now successor, Teric Winters that would have his life unnaturally extended through this closely guarded medical procedure. Teric and his followers retreated to outer core space; from there they would regroup until they had the force necessary to make their presence felt once again throughout the galaxy.

Decades later, the mass defection of an ISG military detachment and space fleet would breathe new life into Orion’s Shield, forming the organization’s military backbone. Over the centuries, Orion’s Shield would train soldiers and recruit mercenaries to fight for Teric, fulfilling not only his dream, but the dream of his father… To dismantle the ISL government, and to free humanity from the poisonous influence of the alien dominated GPC.


* Galactic Planetary Consortium (GPC) – An interstellar governmental entity tasked with making and enforcing interstellar law. The Consortium also regulates trade and commerce between its member factions.

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