The Interstellar League of Planets


 The Interstellar League of Planets

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The year is 2310… Mankind is scattered throughout numerous star systems. Interstellar law is non-existent; crime and corruption are at an all-time high. In an attempt to bring order to a chaotic situation, three neighboring star systems: The Sol System (with Earth as its crown jewel), The Terris System and the Kez System banned together and form what is now known as the Interstellar League of Planets, also known as The ISL. This human ruled faction is a Presidential Democracy, where a president is elected by its people and is allowed to serve up to two terms; each term lasting ten years. The ISL’s government also includes an Interstellar Congress that is comprised of politicians from each ISL controlled Star System. The duties of the Interstellar Congress include representing the people, and lawmaking.

Overhe centuries, more star systems would join The Interstellar League of Planets. Systems that join the ISL are known as “League Systems”, with local Governors appointed to oversee the needs of the people. Interstellar police and customs agencies were formed to bring further order to the chaos. The police were tasked with enforcing ISL law within each local League system, while the Customs agencies were tasked with regulating trade and commerce within the whole of the ISL.

The ISL Military is broken into two components, The Interstellar Guard (ISG) and the Interstellar Fleet (ISF). The ISG represents all ground forces within the military, while the ISF represents all air, space and planetary naval forces for the ISL. Both the ISG and ISF still hold to the familiar military traditions, force organization and structure that armed forces originating on Earth have held for millennia.

The Interstellar Guard

ISG Symbol

The Interstellar Guard represents the combined ground forces for the ISL. With soldiers specializing in everything from sea, land, air, and Zero-G combat, the ISG has a storied history of being both a formidable and lethal fighting force. Although there are several Special Operations Brigades within the ISG, the most elite are those of the Saber Brigade, led by Captain Donald Shepard. The current Supreme Commander of the ISG is General Thomas Kirkland.

The Interstellar Fleet

ISF Symbol

The ISF represents the combined Naval Forces for the ISL. Though largely operating in space, the ISF has a number of powerful sea vessels that are capable of operating on the oceans of almost any planet. In addition to Space and Sea Capital ships, the ISF hosts an array of manned and unmanned fighters, bombers, gunships, and Troop Transports that can operate in space and in most planetary atmospheres. The Flagship of the ISF is The Onyx, commanded by  ISF Supreme Commander: Admiral Athena Armstrong.

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