Cargo 3120: The Making of a SciFy Franchise — Entry 1

The Genesis of a Dream

By Daymond C. Roman

Okay, so how did Cargo 3120 come about? Well, that’s a story that begins in the summer of 1996 when Aaron and I met. We were both attending a California State Bridge program. It was designed to help kids like us (kids that just missed the cut) to get into college.

Aaron and I hit it off really well. We both loved all kinds of movies, especially scify, which was pretty rare at that time, black guys that like scify and admitting to it, especially with all the “cooler” things out at the time: Menace II Society, Set It Off, and Friday. And of course, we loved those movies too, but scify was our thing. Not only did we love the genre, but we also aspired to write and produce our own material one-day.

For hours, we’d throw around ideas and brainstorm exciting stories, write them down, and attempt to create screenplays out of those cluster sessions. The story for Cargo was already starting to take form. Only, we had no idea in how to write a screenplay or who to even show our works to. Remember, it was 1996, if you had access to the internet you were being charged by the minute for that dial up service. So, surfing the net for answers was not an option, and the library -forget it.

Looking back, I don’t think either of us were mature enough to develop a structured story, but our ambitions were strong enough to keep us going.


Next Week: From Ambition to Film School… to the U.S. Army?

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