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 Cargo 3120 Ties that Bind: Part 3
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Cargo 3120: Ties that Bind Part 3

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After a tumultuous stay at the Martian penal colony called Runner’s End, Marcus’ problems are just getting started as he is forced to make a choice that could have galaxy wide consequences in…

Cargo 3120
Ties that Bind: Part 3

Following an extended stay at the most treacherous labor detail on all of Mars, Marcus is a broken man, struggling to walk a straight path for the sake of his family. After taking a questionable job from a shady figure out of his old life, Marcus finds things are even worse than he thought and ends up caught in the middle of a conflict that could plunge the galaxy in all-out war.

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When an elite team of mercenaries undertake a dangerous mission to Titan, they find themselves in the crosshairs of the Black Ops unit that had been hunting them for years.

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