Get Book 2 Free for a Limited Time

You heard right…  For free: 

Cargo 3120
Ties that Bind: Part 2

Available on Amazon Kindle FOR FREE!
(Friday 9/8/2017 through Tuesday 9/12/2017)

Haven’t started your adventure yet? Pick up Book One for free on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords! For more information, check out our Buy Now Page.

When you finish the first book, you can get Book Two for free today!


While we’re on the subject…

 Book Two is coming to Smashwords in October!

Making the book available on Smashwords is a big deal, as it allows us to release in multiple formats. In addition, we also gain access to even more distributors including iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and others! 

Releasing in multiple formats was something we intended from the beginning. Taking this step allows us to extend our readership beyond those that use the Kindle. 

For us, it’s all about exposing the universe of Cargo 3120 to all; and beginning in October, we’ll be taking yet another step toward making that goal a reality!

Be sure to make your way over to Amazon between Friday, September 6th, and Tuesday, September 12th to pick up Book Two!

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